Feds to save Swinomish Channel from silting over

by Tim Flanagan on February 12, 2012

Deborah Bach has the story at Three Sheets Northwest:

[The Swinomish Channel would have become impassable as early as 2015 without dredging, sildenafil
a study found.]

The Swinomish Channel will get the dredging it needs to avoid becoming impassable, visit
thanks to almost $2.3 million in federal funding allocated for the work.

The channel was expected to silt over by 2015 without dredging, putting hundreds of jobs at risk and making it inaccessible to thousands of boaters who use it annually to get to and from the San Juan and Gulf islands.

But funding for the dredging was included in the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ work plan for 2012, which was provided to Congress this week. That was welcome news to Patsy Martin, executive director of the Port of Skagit.

“The Swinomish Channel is a vital inland marine waterway for this region,” she said. “Over 500 jobs depend directly on that waterway as a transportation corridor. It must be maintained.”

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