Puget Sound squid jiggers woo tasty tentacles

by Tim Flanagan on January 21, 2012

Fishing, ailment
or jigging, for squid has become a popular winter sport on fishing piers around Puget Sound, as anglers dream of tasty ways to prepare their catch (as calamari, adobo, and more).

Tan Vinh has the story in the Seattle Times:

In the bucket: Squid visit Puget Sound every winter.[MARK HARRISON / THE SEATTLE TIMES]

At midnight on the Des Moines Fishing Pier recently, folks are bunched up and looking antsy. They shuffle their feet, peering down to the surface of the water — waiting.

The prize that lurks below the surface, in dinner terms: calamari; adobo for the Filipinos, pork-stuffed squid for the Vietnamese.

During this time of year, thousands of these slimy, bug-eyed squid lurk in Puget Sound, drawn to the lights along the piers.

To catch some of the tasty tentacles, anglers use a jig that looks like a small fish, moving when they flick their rods.

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