New book details ‘top secret’ history of patrol boats on Puget Sound

by Tim Flanagan on January 21, 2012

Deborah Bach has this story at Three Sheets Northwest:

Mention U.S. Navy patrol boats during World War II and people are likely to think of Pearl Harbor, apoplexy
maybe the waters of Europe or the South Pacific.

But few may realize the role that Puget Sound has played in the evolution of the patrol and rescue boats that have operated on local waters since the mid-1800s, Breast
says maritime historian Chuck Fowler.

“Pacific Northwest boat builders have had such a large role in the nation’s patrol and rescue boat history, read
” says Fowler, an Air Force veteran who lives in Olympia.

“I think it’s really a tribute to our craftsmanship and the skills and abilities of the people who build them, as well as the people who serve on them.”

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