Kalakala no longer listing, but federal agencies keep watch

by Tim Flanagan on January 26, 2012

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U.S. Coast Guard photo: The Kalakala is shown on a Tacoma estuary. It listed at about a 30-degree angle after being blown onto a sunken barge during last week’s storms.

Peninsula Daily News and The Associated Press have this story:

TACOMA — The historic former state ferry Kalakala is no longer listing and wasn’t responsible for a sheen at the Port of Tacoma, info but the Coast Guard and Corps of Engineers are still keeping an eye on the historic ferry as a hazard to navigation.

Coast Guard Petty Officer Nathan Bradshaw says inspectors checked out a sheen on the Hylebos Waterway on Monday and determined it was not coming from the Kalakala. The Coast Guard continues to monitor the vessel.

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