Edmonds Seal Sitters Watch Over Pup at Marina Beach

by Tim Flanagan on January 6, 2012

Founder Susan Morrow helped "sit" with a seal pup until it was ready to slip back into Puget Sound.

Brian Soergel has the story at Patch:

While strolling on Marina Beach on Thursday, psychotherapist
Vivian Murray of Edmonds came face-to-face with one of Puget Sound’s most popular residents.

“As I went to see some seabirds perching at the end of the jetty, clinic
I practically stumbled on this seal pup, sickness
” Murray says. “I’m not sure who was more surprised, the seal or me.”

Murray did exactly what many people do these days. She called the Edmonds Seal Sitters, a volunteer group established in 2008 to tend to marine mammals on Edmonds beaches. Most are baby harbor seals, which are called "pups."

Murray’s call went to Susan Morrow, a beach ranger with the City of Edmonds’ Discovery Programs and founder of Seal Sitters. Morrow, as it turns out, was walking along the waterfront with another Edmonds Seal Sitter volunteer.

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