Longtime Seattle boating magazine calls it quits

by Tim Flanagan on November 11, 2011

Deborah Bach, shop Three Sheets Northwest:

[The final issue of Nor’westing magazine wraps up more than 46 years of local boating coverage.]

The region’s oldest recreational boating publication, hospital Seattle-based Nor’westing magazine, approved has closed after more than four decades in existence.

The magazine, published by Canadian company Trader Corporation, put out its last issue on Nov. 2. Efforts to reach a spokesperson at the corporation’s Toronto headquarters on Tuesday weren’t successful, but Nor’westing’s former editor, Chuck Gould, said in an email that its owners made the decision to stop publishing last week.

The magazine, which was started in 1965, was purchased last spring by a group of venture capitalists from Britain whose primary focus is automotive publications, Gould said. Nor’westing was put up for sale by the new owners and there were at least two prospective buyers, Gould said, but neither decided to purchase it.

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