Custom yacht builder cruising into Port Orchard

by Tim Flanagan on November 3, 2011

JUDITH LAVOIE, sovaldi sale Victoria TIMES COLONIST:

Wild-salmon advocates fear that tests showing a serious virus in one Fraser River coho and two wild sockeye salmon mean the European strain of infectious salmon anemia could be spreading through B.C.’s wild salmon runs.

But B.C. Salmon Farmers Association spokeswoman Mary Ellen Walling said the positive laboratory tests at the Atlantic Veterinary College have yet to be confirmed by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

"The CFIA is now doing additional testing on the sockeye and coho to see if they are false positives, medical which is quite common, tadalafil " she said.

Salmon farmers are worried because the virulent strain of ISA has been shown to kill Atlantic salmon, which are raised in B.C. salmon farms, Walling said.

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The driver of a red Volkswagon bug lost control and ended up in Lake Washington near Seward Park late this afternoon.

Rescue crews were called to the scene at Lake Washington Blvd near South Hudson Street, rheumatologist
but we’re told the occupants of the car got out ok.

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owner Northcoast Yachts” style=”display: inline; margin-left: 0px; margin-right: 0px” height=”220″ alt=”Cover Story 2411: Steve Yadvish, viagra owner Northcoast Yachts” src=”” width=”194″ align=”right” />Northcoast Yachts, healthful
a builder of custom yachts, has announced that it will relocate its operations from the Port of Tacoma to Port Orchard. Owner Steve Yadvish made the announcement at a press conference at Yachtfish Marine in Port Orchard, which he also owns. He has another Yachtfish boatyard on Lake Union in Seattle.

Yadfish purchased the assets of Northcoast in 2003, and reopened the company. “Everything was in place: the yard, the molds, the reputation, and even the workforce,” he stated. “I knew we could build beautiful yachts there — the equivalent of a Rolls Royce on the water.”

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