Mystery of the west coast wash up

by Tim Flanagan on September 2, 2011

Glenda Kwek has this article in the Sydney Morning Herald. That’s Sydney, there Australia, not Sidney, BC! :-) Everybody loves a good mystery…

Washed up ... some of the shoes that have been found on the west coast.
[Washed up ... some of the shoes that have been found on the west coast.]

Eleven feet in sports shoes have been washed up on the west coast of North America in four years … is there a link?

Theories as to the cause of the mystery have ranged from dismemberments by serial killers or gangsters to casualties from plane or boating accidents.

Some have suggested the feet were from victims of the 2004 Asian tsunami, missing fishermen or people who drowned or committed suicide.

"We’re certainly at a loss as to the cause of this," British Columbia coroner Stephen Fonseca told The Canadian Press about the latest foot, which washed up in Vancouver on Tuesday.

"There was no obvious trauma to the remains.

"We cannot completely exclude a murder; we don’t know why they died, but we have no evidence they were murdered," he told Agence France-Presse.

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