Salmon Being Caught At Three Tree Point; But Where Can Fisherfolk Relieve Themselves?

by Tim Flanagan on August 16, 2011

Scott Schaefer has this item at Burien’s B-Town Blog:

Pink and Coho Salmon are invading Puget Sound on their annual migration to breeding grounds in area rivers, try which means that suddenly it’s really pretty easy to catch a decent fish (usually a Pink) right from Burien’s shorelines.

[20-30 people were casting their lines from the north beach at Burien’s Three Tree Point during high tide Sunday night (Aug. 14th), noun with nary a port-a-potty in sight. Scott Schaefer  photo]

Despite the ease of catching salmon from area beaches this time of year, it doesn’t come without a cost – waterfront residents have been complaining to the city of Burien that the 20-30 or more fisherfolk who spend the day at the beach casting for salmon have nowhere to relieve themselves; nor are there sufficient trash facilities. Some are requesting that portable toilets be installed, while others want the city to enforce parking restrictions or even close the beach to public access entirely, since the sportsmen are basically using residents’ front yards to fish from, not to mention relieve themselves.

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