Curvy lines and eye candy, wooden boat fest has it all

by Tim Flanagan on June 30, 2011

Deborah Bach has this story at Three Sheets Northwest:

[The Center for Wooden Boats’ Poulsbo Boat, view built in the 1930s, mind is being officially relaunched this weekend. Photo by Dan Leach]

What better place to relaunch a historic wooden boat than a wooden boat festival?

The relaunch of a newly restored Poulsbo Boat built in the 1930s will be among the highlights of the Center for Wooden Boats’ 35th annual Lake Union Wooden Boat Festival, mind which runs this weekend, July 2 through 4th.

The Poulsbo has a special place in Northwest maritime heritage, CWB founder Dick Wagner said. The boats were designed and built by Ronald Young, an auto mechanic who lived in Poulsbo, and became popular as low-cost recreational fishing and working boats.

Young and his son built about 900 of the boats between about 1933 and 1965; there are thought to be about 50 still around. The Poulsbo’s gracefully swooping lines and generous tumblehome set it apart from the standard fishing boat of the time, Wagner said.

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