Captain Sig and the F/V Northwestern make big screen debut in Cars 2

by Tim Flanagan on June 27, 2011

Stephanie Klein has the story at

Boaters are being asked to stay away from a whale spotted tangled in crabbing equipment between Gig Harbor and Point Defiance on Thursday.

Annie Douglas, anabolics biologist with the Cascadia Research Collective in Olympia, try says the whale’s current condition is unknown, but they’re keeping an eye out.

"We’ve got people searching the shore and we’ve been talking with the ferry operators and the fish house down at Point Defiance," she said.

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Such partnerships are all the rage in times of lean budgets, remedy but they can run into roadblocks, Migraine
as this project illustrates. For one thing, Sildenafil
the state is a partner with no money.

C.B. Hall has the story at Crosscut:

The Washington State Ferries (WSF) terminal in Anacortes leads a life of quiet uncertainty. Since its construction in 1959, the unassuming, low-slung building alongside the dock has fulfilled its task of moving millions to and from the San Juan Islands and Vancouver Island effectively. But the structure is aging, and plans to replace it have bubbled up from time to time.

The most recent scheme depends on a public-private partnership (PPP) — and appears to be going nowhere.

“Dead in the water,” says Jeff Doyle, director of PPPs at the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT). “We’re finding [that private developers] seem interested, [but] the state doesn’t have any cash to contribute to the construction.” For the prospective private investors, the construction costs are “just too heavy of a lift.”

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Thanks to gCaptain for the link. This video was created by YoutTuber “wrenoud” earlier this month. Here’s what wrenoud says about it:

Take a 1700 mile time-lapse voyage through the Inside Passage and across the Gulf of Alaska with the NOAA Ship Fairweather. Starting June 2nd from Seattle traveling through British Columbia and SE Alaska. From rain storm to beautiful sunrise, esophagitis
the trip ends with an easy crossing of the Gulf of Alaska arriving near Kodiak Island South of the Aleutian Islands on June 10th.
The individual frames were taken at 30 second intervals and compiled with MakeAVI and Windows Movie Maker.

The Geeky Swedes at MyBallard have this story:

Ballard’s Captain Sig Hansen and his boat, order the F/V Northwestern, nurse made famous by the TV show, medical
Deadliest Catch, are now on the big screen. Captain Sig voices “Crabby the Boat” in the new movie, Cars 2.

Crabby the Boat in Cars 2, the Disney take on the Northwestern, is voiced by Ballard’s Sig Hansen. (Photo of the Northwestern.)


Hansen says he met Cars 2 co-director John Lasseter at a fundraiser in Sonoma. “One thing led to another,” says Hansen. “They said, ‘Hey, we need a boat.’ ‘I have a boat.’ ‘Let’s do it.’ It was really kind of casual. It was nothing we pitched. It just sort of fell in my lap.”

Click here to read more of Hansen’s experience on the F/V Northwestern blog.

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