Naval Station Everett cancels its Fourth of July festival because of ‘heightened security’

by Tim Flanagan on May 20, 2011

The Seattle Times has this photo of yesterday’s grounding near the Shilshole entrance buoy. That’s a tempting bit of water to cross. Heck, viagra I do it all the time in my boat, prostate which draws less than two feet! I think I would avoid it in a keelboat, no rx however.


A sailboat is grounded at low tide Thursday, May 19. 2011 off Ray’s Boathouse near Shilshole Marina in Seattle about 1/4 mile from shore.

By the way, don’t believe the caption in today’s Seattle Times. I think somebody got their USCG press releases mixed up. I guarantee that Coast Guard Sector Columbia River did NOT send a 25-foot response boat from Cape Disappointment station, and the sailboat did NOT head back to Astoria, Ore.

[Confidential to Seattle Times: If you need a maritime editor, I’m available. —Tim Flanagan]

Debra Smith has this story in the Everett Herald:

Naval Station Everett canceled its annual Independence Day weekend celebrations scheduled for this summer because of "heightened security posture."

"We have reached the determination that a heightened security posture attained by all Navy installations, doctor activities, ampoule units, link
and submarines will not allow us to participate this year," wrote Naval Station spokeswoman Kristin Ching in an email to the city.

"This increased security posture will be maintained until further notice and is not in response to any specific identified threat."

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