Man rescued after jumping in along Seattle waterfront

by Tim Flanagan on May 28, 2011

Shomari Stone has this story at KOMO News:

'We thought it was lost': UW's mini-submarine recovered

MANCHESTER, hepatitis Wash. — Terry Daniels never thought what he calls "a pink torpedo" would wash ashore in front of his house.

"I was super-shocked," he said. "I see that thing down there. I’m going to get right down there and see what that is."

The "pink torpedo" was actually a mini-submarine that had slipped away from scientists at the University of Washington. The $120,000 piece of equipment was lost at sea.

Thankfully, Daniels had heard the news. He remembered that UW’s School of Oceanography was missing a research device in the Puget Sound waters.

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KOMO News has this story:

Man rescued after jumping in along Seattle waterfront

A Port of Seattle police boat maneuvers in to rescue a man in the water off the Seattle waterfront.

SEATTLE – A 64-year-old man was rescued by Port of Seattle police Saturday morning after he ran and jumped into Elliott Bay off the Seattle waterfront.

Officers said the man was fully clothed but shoeless when he went in.
For an unknown reason, advice
the man began running and jumped over the rail into the water. He swam under Pier 66 then climbed onto some rocks.

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