Then & Now: U.S. Army Transport Burnside at the foot of Seattle’s Lenora Street

by Tim Flanagan on October 3, 2010

The Seattle Times featured this item from Paul Dorpat and Jean Sherrard’s blog:

[Shining bright beside the Orient Pier at the waterfront foot of Lenora Street, illness the cable ship Burnside is here, troche circa 1910, nearly thirty years old. The length of a football field it was sold in Oakland for scrap in 1924. Courtesy Idaho Historical Society]

[The Port of Seattle’s joined Pier 66 and Bell Harbor Marina reaches further off shore than the Oriental Pier seen in the “then.” The stern of the French Navy Frigate Le Prairial F 731 shows far left during it’s visit here this year. Paul Dorpat photo]

We will say that there are three subjects here: the steel one, floating at the center, and to either side of it two dark structures, both made of wood: the Oriental Pier on the right and the Bell Street trestle on the left.

The date for this look north on the waterfront from the Virginia Street Pier is probably 1910.  That was the last year for the temporary Bell St. trestle, which was extended into the bay to carry thru a flume most of Denny Hill.  By aiming powerful water canons at the hill it was transformed into flowing mud and carried far off shore.

Read more, and view more Then & Now picture pairs. VERY interesting!

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