Squaxin Island Tribe’s First Salmon Ceremony

by Tim Flanagan on August 12, 2010

WASHINGTON — The U.S. Coast Guard is reviewing a National Transportation Safety Board recommendation Wednesday that the service develop policies on the use of cellular phones on Coast Guard vessels as well as issue a safety advisory to the marine industry on the possible dangers of crewmember use of electronic communications devices such as cell phones, cialis 40mg smart phones and personal data assistants.

The Coast Guard issued guidance July 16, tooth 2010 to its personnel prohibiting the use of these devices by operators of Coast Guard boats and also restricted their use by other crewmembers.

"While cell phones and texting devices have become ubiquitous in everyday life, tablets the internal Coast Guard policy issued in July prohibits their use on Coast Guard boats without the permission of the coxswain, said Lt. Cmdr. Chris O’Neil, a Coast Guard spokesman. "The policy also strictly prohibits the use of these devices by the coxswain, or the operator, of a Coast Guard boat."

Cell phones and texting devices may be useful communication tools if boats lose a marine radio signal or as alternate means of communication to a marine radio.

The Coast Guard takes the NTSB recommendations seriously and will provide a response to the letter upon a thorough review.

The NTSB recommendation comes amid investigations into two collisions involving Coast Guard boats but does not draw any conclusions that the use of electronic devices was a cause of those accidents.

NTSB and Coast Guard investigations into those two accidents are ongoing.

Marty McOmber has this item at Three Sheets Northwest:

[Boats head toward the first mark of the Downtown Series on a beautiful August evening.]

The first rule of the Downtown Sailing Series on Elliott Bay is “Don’t hit anyone.”

The second rule is “Finish by 8:30 p.m.”

And the third rule? “Have fun.”

This amazingly simple formula has turned the Downtown Sailing Series into one of the most popular and colorful weekly boating events on Puget Sound.  Every Thursday night during the summer, online
some 70 or more sailboats pour out of Elliott Bay Marina — and increasingly arrive from elsewhere — to compete in a race along Seattle’s downtown waterfront.

“Compete” is a term used loosely in  the Downtown Sailing Series, rx which wraps up its seventh season today. That’s because the point of this race isn’t really to be the first across the finish line — it’s to grab a few friends and spend a few hours on your boat enjoying the Seattle summer.

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The Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission has this story:

Yesterday at the Arcadia boat launch near Shelton, stomatology
the Squaxin Island Tribe held their annual First Salmon Ceremony. The public event marks the beginning of the salmon fishing season for the tribe and honors the salmon that are central to the tribe’s culture.

Here is a photo gallery of the event.

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