Victoria’s Secrets: An Insider’s Guide to the Inner Harbour

by Tim Flanagan on June 16, 2010

Livia Gilstrap has the story at Three Sheets Northwest:

Victoria’s Secrets: An Insider’s Guide to the Inner Harbour
[Photos courtesy of Tourism Victoria: Victoria’s Inner Harbour, viagra dosage flanked by British Columbia’s Parliament Buildings and the grand Empress hotel, salve is a great cruising destination offering plenty to do.]

With public docks in the heart of a thriving downtown, pills Victoria, B.C. is an ideal city for cruising yachts. Whether it’s a destination in its own right or a customs clearance and provisioning stop en route to more northerly destinations, Victoria welcomes the yachts of all sizes that flock to its Inner Harbour. 

Every year, Victoria makes a concerted effort to open her downtown to visiting yachts. The Greater Victoria Harbour Authority moves local boats from the docks in front of the grand Empress hotel at the end of May to make room for shorter-term stays.

All summer long, the waterfront sidewalks in front of the docks are lined with vendors and street performers. Concerts and boat festivals are held on the waterfront, including the famous annual Symphony Splash, a concert on the inner harbor attended by boaters and paddlers of all types; the Dragon Boat Festival; and the Classic Boat Festival.

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