Olympia Oyster Training – Fun day on the beach!

by Tim Flanagan on June 16, 2010

The Jefferson County Marine Resources Committee has this item at their Coastal Currents blog:

About 15 of us showed up at Seal Rock State Park to be trained by two of the top experts in the Olympia Oyster in the state. Brady Blake, resuscitation Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, recuperation and Betsy Peabody, Puget Sound Restoration Fund were the primary trainers.

Did we have fun? You bet! Take a look!

Here’s Brady showing us the fine points of doing sampling.

So what’s the big deal in surveying for Olympia Oysters? Those nearly eradicated natives of Puget Sound?These oysters are important, for many reasons. One of which is that they can grow and purify water in all sorts of horrible places you and I don’t want to live. Like the sewer outfalls at Port Ludlow and other sewer outfalls around the Sound. They love it! They help clean the water! Just don’t eat them there. Let them work. They work 24 hours a day at it, sort of like outsourcing the job to some other country. And we don’t even have to leave home. And, we had a great day on the beach, did you? Saw many eagles, herons, Olympia oysters (yes!), elephants (gotcha!) and other great wildlife.

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