New orca calf for Puget Sound’s K pod

by Tim Flanagan on June 10, 2010

Drew DeSilver has this story in the Seattle Times:

Todd Shipyards on Thursday reported sharply higher sales and profit for fiscal 2010, abortion mainly due to increased government work.

The Seattle-based shipbuilding and repair company earned $7.8 million, or $1.35 per share, in the fiscal year ended March 28. That’s 63 percent more than the $4.8 million Todd earned last fiscal year.

Revenue totaled $180 million, up 59 percent from fiscal 2009. The higher revenue was due mainly to increased ship repair work for the Navy and Coast Guard, as well as building new ferries for Washington State Ferries (WSF).

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KING 5 has this story:

[Credit: Dave Ellifrit, remedy
Center for Whale Research]


The Center for Whale Research says the orcas of the K pod have brought a new calf with them on their return to Puget Sound.

The baby, thumb K43, was seen with K12, who is presumed to be the mother.

K pod was first seen this year on February 21, traveling with J pod. At that time photographs suggested there was a new K pod calf, but researchers were unable to confirm that.

Now a June 8 encounter with K43 confirms the calf is at least 5 months old. There are now 20 whales in K pod.

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