Interactive Puget Sound map

by Tim Flanagan on June 24, 2010

Liam Moriarty has this story at KPLU-FM:

SEATTLE (KPLU) – Looking out over the waters of Puget Sound, stomach it’d be easy to think it’s in good shape. But much of the scientific data paints a picture of pollution and declining species. Now, store there’s an online interactive map that allows users to locate both problems and resources around the sound.
Let’s say you want to know if there are any hazardous waste sites in your neighborhood. Go online, click on the menu, and all the hazardous waste sites in the Puget Sound region will pop up on a Google Map. It uses data sets from the Washington Department of Ecology and other agencies.
Chris Wilke says the map is a tool to find out all kinds of environmental information.

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The map:

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