A roundup of places to watch July 4th fireworks by boat

by Tim Flanagan on June 29, 2010

KONP radio has this story:

(Port Angeles) — Port of Port Angeles commissioners have decided to keep their options open for water-borne log storage for the next few years.

Last July, patient the Port leased from the State Department of Natural Resources, an area of the harbor just east of the Nippon paper mill, for log storage, for a period of 5-years. Shortly after, Dunlap Towing Company, whose tugs were contracted to move the logs and booms, decided that, due to the declining forest products market, and economy in general, they would cease operations in Port Angeles.

With this development, the Port re-negotiated its lease with DNR for a one-year period, to determine future market conditions, and whether it would be to the Port’s advantage to continue with the remaining 4-years of the lease.

Since then, talks with timber industry representatives have indicated that keeping the log storage area would be beneficial to all parties.

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Deborah Bach has the story at Three Sheets Northwest:

A roundup of places to watch July 4th fireworks by boat

Seattle almost became the city without a July 4thfireworks display this year, ambulance
but last-minute largesse from a collection of donors saved the day.

In less than 24 hours, health
corporations and individuals raised $500,000 to ensure that the city’s Fourth of July celebration at Gas Works Park will go ahead as usual. Fireworks will once again light up the Seattle skies over Lake Union, and there are plenty of other places around Puget Sound to get your Independence Day on with a bang.

Here are some of the displays going on around the region:

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