DNR launches public forum. First topic: Geoduck aquaculture on state tidelands

by Tim Flanagan on April 27, 2010

Carla Wilson has this story in the Victoria Times Colonist:

Holland America Line’s Zaandam pulls away from Ogden Point after a visit in May 2008.
[Holland America Line’s Zaandam pulls away from Ogden Point after a visit in May 2008. Photograph by Debra Brash, what is ed Times Colonist.]

An American couple from Memphis celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary were the first passengers to disembark the Zaandam, which arrived yesterday morning to kick off Victoria’s cruise ship season.

"We always wanted to come to B.C. and see Butchart Gardens," said Billy Edwards, with wife Rosalind, who was pinned with a yellow rose by Victoria A.M. greeters in period costumes.

The 777-foot Zaandam is part of Holland America Line, the company that brings the largest number of visits to Ogden Point every year, said Don Prittie, chairman of the Greater Victoria Harbour Authority.

This year, 228 cruise ship visits are scheduled, matching last year’s record high. Those ships will bring 450,000 passengers to the capital region, said Paul Servos, CEO of the harbour authority

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DNR’s Ear to the Ground blog has this announcement:

DNR Forum

DNR is launching the DNR Forum: a sharing of perspectives online.

This virtual town hall will be a tool to engage the public in discussions about a variety of natural resource issues in Washington.

A week before a new forum begins, pregnancy
DNR will issue a press release and blog post on Ear to the Ground announcing the natural resource issue to be discussed and detail the dates and times for discussion.

Forum comments will be moderated before they are posted live; this is a way to ensure the conversation stays within topic relevancy and appropriate. Please keep in mind that the forum is a tool to engage the public and bring new information or ideas to light—and a way for citizens across the state to learn from each other. The forum is not a place to cast “votes” on an issue.

Coming May 3rd, search
the DNR Forum will spotlight “Geoduck Aquaculture on State Tidelands.” This discussion will be open for comments from May 3rd through May 7th 8am – 5pm. Daily “conversation starters” will be posted each day to prompt discussion relating to this issue. We will give you a heads up by posting the conversation starters on Ear to the Ground on Thursday.

You can also check in on our media center for upcoming discussions and information.

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1 tara froode May 3, 2010 at 1:20 pm

Allowing commercial industries to lease and profit on public owned lands is a conflict to the trust the citizens instill in the state. Commercial goeduck aquaculture has negative short and long term impacts to the intertidal zone and the areas adjacent to the farming. The state profitting from allowing negative environmental impacts will result in a complete contradiction of the role that DNR holds in protecting our rsources- short term profits do not outlast ireplacable natural resources and features. The farming of geoduck has many more impacts than aesthetics. There are navigational and recreational impacts created by the use of tubes and nets in farming. The state owned tidelands have an obligation to allow public access, recreation, and navigation to the citizens of this state. This would be destroyed by the commercial presence and practices of geoduck farming. Short term profits should not be the motivation of our state government when risking the preservation of natural systems arnd our citizens use and recreation of the tidelands. tara froode

2 Tim DeRouen May 3, 2010 at 9:43 pm

One announced criteria of DNR is to avoid using tidelands adjacent to developments, yet the sites being considered on the Northeast side of Stretch Island do not meet that criteria. They are on the beach overlooked by existing homes and used by homeowners for recreation, and are adjacent to some tidelands (up to median low tide) owned by the homeowners. Sites should be limited to those not adjacent to developed properties.

3 J.Berrenger September 8, 2010 at 12:15 pm

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