Changes at Sointula, on Malcolm Island

by Tim Flanagan on April 28, 2010

This item appears over at Bob Hale’s Waggoner Cruising Guide website:

April 26, health 2010. Correspondents Guy and Kathryn Campbell from West Vancouver bought and are refurbishing a small house in Sointula on Malcolm Island, a short ferry ride from Port McNeill. Sointula is a favorite stop for us each year. Here are some changes to expect this summer.

Hi, Bob & Marilynn,

We just returned from a couple weeks at Sointula and boy are things hopping up there. The Marina is expecting to complete its major work by July. This includes approximately 1200′ of new ADDITIONAL docks with new pilings, full power and water, plus a new ramp etc. Many of the old docks have been redecked. Wireless Internet is expected to be operating for the docks this summer.

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