Admiral Allen visits Seattle to reactivate USCGC Polar Star

by Tim Flanagan on March 10, 2010


I attended today’s formal announcement of the reactivation of USCGC Polar Star, here
one of three icebreakers (along with Healy and Polar Sea) homeported in Seattle.

Admiral Thad Allen, US Coast Guard Commandant, visited Seattle to make the formal announcement. I won’t try to duplicate the coverage that the conventional news sources will provide, but I would like to add my own perspective:

I had met some of the “caretaker” crew of Polar Star last spring, and my impression then was that this small, dedicated crew has been doing their best to keep this vessel as ship-shape as possible with very limited resources. So it was no surprise that I observed lots of smiles among those faces today.


Here’s a picture of the crew attending the announcement. Seriously, this is MOST of the Polar Star’s current crew! You can really appreciate that they’ve had their work cut out for them, and today’s announcement must feel like a kind of reward; an acknowledgement that all that work has not been in vain.

More coverage of today’s event as it comes in from other sources. But I do want to share one highlight from the question-and-answer period that followed the announcement:

Reporter: “So are you operating from the standpoint that climate change is real?”

Admiral Allen: “I’m not a scientist, so I’m agnostic on the science. But I do know that there’s water where there didn’t used to be, and I’m responsible for it.”


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