McGinn tells council sea-wall proposal is about safety, not politics

by Tim Flanagan on January 26, 2010

Emily Heffter has the story in the Seattle Times:

Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn told the City Council on Monday that his deep concern for public safety was his only motive for wanting to rush a tax measure onto the ballot to replace the city’s sea wall.

He was trying to convince a skeptical council that his opposition to the Alaskan Way Viaduct tunnel didn’t play into his first major initiative as mayor. His move two weeks ago to separate plans to replace the Alaskan Way Viaduct with a tunnel from plans to replace the nearby sea wall made some council members suspicious.

At a council briefing Monday, try the mayor sought to convince members his goals were simple and he was open to hearing their ideas.

"We do indeed have a different opinion about the tunnel, viagra 40mg but that disagreement should not stop us from fixing a public-safety risk right now, medications " he said to Councilmember Sally Bagshaw, who told McGinn she has questioned whether his proposal has to do with public safety or his opposition to the tunnel.

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