New book: Historic Photos of Puget Sound

by Tim Flanagan on November 18, 2009

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Turner Publishing recently sent me some photo from a new book entitled Historic Photos of Puget Sound by David Wilma. It might make a great gift this holiday season.

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It’s a photographical memoir with 200 vintage images of Seattle’s maritime industry from the early 1800′s to the modern era.

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Some of the photos include the once-extensive salmon fishery which demonstrates the extent to which the species have been devastated by over-fishing, pollution, and development.

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There are shots of Native Americans in the 19th Century revealing their adaptation to an economy and culture that obliterated their traditional ways, and panoramic shots of Seattle, Tacoma, and Everett showing the earliest settlement and industrialization patterns.


David is a passionate about the preservation of Puget Sound, and is eager to share the history of this environmental jewel with those who share the same affinity.

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