Schools won’t let Navy hold meeting at district site

by Tim Flanagan on June 26, 2009

Linda Shaw has the story in the Seattle Times. But the reader comments are really entertaining!

Seattle Public Schools refused to let the Navy hold a public meeting at the school district’s headquarters Thursday, case for reasons the Navy says it doesn’t understand.

A school-district spokesman said the Navy didn’t tell the district until Wednesday that security would be needed at the meeting.

“There wasn’t adequate time to provide the security staff they were requesting, more about ” said district spokesman David Tucker.

Navy spokeswoman Sheila Murray, however, said district officials told her they were concerned about protesters showing up for the meeting, at which the Navy planned to solicit public views on environmental issues involving a proposed weapons-loading wharf at Naval Base Kitsap-Bangor.

Murray also said district officials wouldn’t allow the meeting to go forward even after Navy officials and the Poulsbo Fire Department, where a similar meeting was held Tuesday, assured them that protesters who had shown up to date were peaceful and hadn’t caused any problems.

“We did try to explain to them, there really wasn’t controversy,” she said.

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