Weekend work brings Hood Canal Bridge reopening closer…June 5, perhaps?

by Tim Flanagan on May 25, 2009

Take a look at your tide table and you’ll see some very low tides this month, about it and even more in June. Turns out this is a problem for the Washington State Ferry Division’s Port Townsend-Keystone run. Here’s a link to the schedule of tide/ebb current cancellations. Be sure to check it out if you’re planning to travel on any of these days:

May 2009

Mon 5/25
Tue 5/26
Wed 5/27

June 2009

Thu 6/04
Fri 6/05
Sat 6/06
Sun 6/07
Sat 6/20
Sun 6/21
Mon 6/22
Tue 6/23
Wed 6/24
Thu 6/25

IrwinJ has this post over at the Hood Canal Bridge Blog:

While most people were playing during the holiday weekend, store
Hood Canal Bridge construction crews were working hard. I had move fast all day to keep up. The crews teased me about my new “employee wellness program” as I trooped up and down stairs, out and back the bridge twice to see both roadway span sets and clear down 3/4 of a mile to the center of the bridge. My only break time was “riding” the draw span out as the team pressed the east and west ends together for the first time.

The last hike from the draw span was certainly worth the effort. I stood under the new east truss and looked down the bridge – a bridge without big gaps – stretching from Kitsap to Jefferson County.

The bridge can support worker foot traffic (a few short hops still required), but it is not ready for the public to use by foot or by car. But, accomplishing several milestones this weekend did move the scheduled bridge reopening closer by three days, possibly as early as June 5.

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