Tide cancellations on Port Townsend/Keystone ferry

by Tim Flanagan on May 25, 2009

Take a look at your tide table and you’ll see some very low tides this month, about it and even more in June. Turns out this is a problem for the Washington State Ferry Division’s Port Townsend-Keystone run. Here’s a link to the schedule of tide/ebb current cancellations. Be sure to check it out if you’re planning to travel on any of these days:

May 2009

Mon 5/25
Tue 5/26
Wed 5/27

June 2009

Thu 6/04
Fri 6/05
Sat 6/06
Sun 6/07
Sat 6/20
Sun 6/21
Mon 6/22
Tue 6/23
Wed 6/24
Thu 6/25

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