Many Port of Tacoma employees at odds with executive director

by Tim Flanagan on May 27, 2009

Paige Dickerson has this article in the Peninsula Daily News:

The three Port of Port Angeles commissioners voted unanimously today to submit a final bid to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to draw the government agency’s Pacific Ocean research fleet to Port Angeles.

Commission President John Calhoun declined to release any details of the bid, rx including the set up of the buildings or how much the bid for the lease was for.

“We can’t reveal any of the specifics of the bid because we have until June 4 to submit, prothesis and we don’t want to give our competitors a heads-up, see ” Calhoun said.

“What I can say is that we have put in an extremely competitive bid. We are sparing no effort to draw them here.”

NOAA’s Lake Union lease is up in 2011, and the agency is considering moving to a new location in 2012.

The Port of Bellingham, Port of Seattle and the Port of Newport, Ore., also have shown interest.

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This story by Kelly Kearsley appeared in the Tacoma News Tribune:

In the wake of last week’s layoff notifications at the Port of Tacoma, help
dozens of port employees signed a petition declaring a “no confidence vote” in the port’s Executive Director Tim Farrell. The petition included at least 78 signatures – about a third of the port’s current staff.

The petition began circulating May 19, internist
the day after 47 port employees received letters notifying them that their jobs had been eliminated.

The port’s cargo volume has dropped off dramatically in the past two years, and Farrell has said that the port needs to retool the size of its staff to match its shrinking business.

But some of those who signed the petition said that Farrell’s mismanagement of port projects – not just the economic downturn – has led to the port’s need for layoffs.

The News Tribune contacted several employees who signed the document, but they declined to be interviewed, saying they were concerned it would cost them their job or severance package.

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