Information sought to indentify body found in water near Sucia Island

by Tim Flanagan on May 30, 2009

This request appears in the San Juan Islander:

On Saturday, advice May 23, 2009 a boater spotted a man floating in the water off Parker Reef located midway between Orcas Island and Sucia Island in San Juan County. The U.S Coast Guard responded and recovered the remains and took him to Friday Harbor to be turned over to the County coroner.

Coroner Randall K. Gaylord arranged for the man to be taken to the Snohomish County Medical Examiner’s Office for an autopsy.

“We have one good lead to help us identify this person,” said Gaylord. “We found a metal plate in the left forearm.” Gaylord added that “a dentist has examined the teeth, and if we could obtain the dental records, we might be able to identify this person.”

Gaylord and Sheriff Bill Cumming met to review reports of missing persons. They have been in contact with officials from Sidney, BC and Bellingham, but the person remains unidentified.

Gaylord said that the subject is a male, about 170 -185 lbs, is 5′ 10″ tall, and apparently Caucasian. Due to the level of decomposition, there was no hair, clothing, marks, tattoos, or other distinguishing features. It is believed the person was in the water for a couple of weeks or more.

Sheriff Cumming said that he would put out a notice to alert surrounding jurisdictions that surround the Salish Sea, including British Columbia and mainland Washington State.

Anyone with information regarding missing persons is urged to call the San Juan County Sheriff, undersheriff or duty detective with details at 360-378-4151.

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