Hood Canal Bridge may open a week earlier than anticipated

by Tim Flanagan on May 22, 2009

This from the Hood Canal Bridge Blog:

Good things are everywhere. The sun is shining, visit this the long holiday weekend is starting and the Hood Canal Bridge may open a week earlier than anticipated. After four years of being asked “Do you think you will get the work done early?” it feels really good to finally be able to say “yes”.

We don’t know exactly when the bridge will re-open yet because there are several critical, viagra weather-dependant work elements we need to still accomplish, including the Q/R joining operations this weekend. On Monday will we take another look at the work accomplished and what is left to do and share another “re-opening date” update. For now, my advice is this: If you have an appointment across Hood Canal on or after June 8, check your route before you go.

So get out there and enjoy the sunny water shuttle ride across the canal, knowing that this too will not last forever (or even six weeks).

-Becky Hixson

Also, a bit of clarification in another post on the same blog:

Signs, signs…

…Everywhere there’s signs
For our Jefferson Transit riders who use the water shuttle and are confused by signs that say the buses will not run on Memorial Day, Monday, May 25, please note that these only apply to regular Jefferson Transit routes. They do not apply to the buses that provide service to and from the water shuttle dock at South Point or the Shine Pit park and ride lot. Those will be offered every day throughout the closure.

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