Bunker remnant of military presence at Fort Worden

by Tim Flanagan on May 25, 2009

Jennifer Jackson has this story in the Peninsula Daily News:

Most are concrete gun emplacements that housed weapons never fired at enemy ships and became obsolete with the advent of the airplane in World War I.

But inside this grass-covered bunker, buy military personnel maintained surveillance of the entrance to Puget Sound in the mid-1940s and occupied it into the Cold War era.

“They used hydrophones to detect sonar, buy information pills ” said Alfred Chiswell. “They were listening for low-level sounds.”

Chiswell is president of the Puget Sound Coast Artillery Museum, approved also located at Fort Worden State Park.

In addition to serving as docents, museum volunteers help maintain the gun emplacements, put up interpretive signs and give guided tours.
Cleaning the bunker

Their latest project: an extensive cleaning of the heavily vandalized surveillance bunker in order to bring the building’s history to light.

“We took about 3,900 pounds of trash out and painted over most of the graffiti,” Chiswell said. “It was a three-year project.”

The volunteers are now starting to offer guided tours of the bunker, the only way to see the interior, on Saturdays.

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