Port of Seattle wants to clean up messy net sheds at Fishermen’s Terminal

by Tim Flanagan on February 23, 2009

Article by Bryan Buckalew in the Seattle Courant:

On March 10, oncologist in Ballard’s Nordic Heritage Museum, the Port of Seattle Commission will meet to discuss what to do with the net sheds at Fishermen’s Terminal.

The Port maintains that the terminal net sheds are cluttered to the point of being hazardous to users. Some fishermen, however, feel that the Port’s plan to clean out the net shed gear lofts is a way to put the squeeze on them, perhaps getting them to move out.

“It’s unfortunate that it’s the mantra that’s been latched on to,” Peter McGraw, Port of Seattle Media Relations Officer, said. The Port of Seattle is “wholly and totally committed to having the Pacific Fleet in Fishermen’s Terminal. Fishermen’s Terminal provides so many jobs, so much revenue.”

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