First day of TWIC enforcement a success

by Tim Flanagan on February 28, 2009

SEATTLE – The Coast Guard and ports throughout Puget Sound, order Wash., skincare reported a successful first day of enforcement of the TWIC required for entry into maritime facilities.

The new “smart card” is an ID issued by the Transportation Security Administration and is required for access to secure areas of maritime facilities. The cards were required by workers beginning with the morning shifts of all ports.

“Most of our ports here in the Pacific Northwest got off to a great start today,” said Capt. Suzanne Englebert, the Coast Guard Captain of the Port, Seattle. “Of the two-hundred seventy port employees randomly inspected by the Coast Guard today, ninety nine percent had their cards and the sole remaining person was enrolled in the system but simply hadn’t received their card yet.”

Englebert attributed the smooth start to cooperation and communication among federal and state officials, the maritime industry and labor unions. “If it weren’t for the outstanding collaboration between our port partners, education to the people who will be affected by it and the foresight of all stakeholders to ensure readiness, we would not have succeeded.”

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