Ferries: Why buy local?

by Tim Flanagan on February 13, 2009

A must-read item by Jennifer Sullivan over at the Seattle Times blog. If I’d known they made that kind of money, price I’d have made the switch to the maritime industry years ago! :-)

A measure has been introduced that would require the state Utilities and Transportation Commission (UTC) to monitor the salaries paid to the nearly 60 ship captains who belong to the Puget Sound Pilots association.
Last year, thumb the five-dozen large vessel pilots made an average of $400,000, said the Pacific Merchant Shipping Association, a non-profit shipping association focused on international trade. The pilots guide vessels through Puget Sound.
“It’s time to take a step back and say what’s reasonable here. It’s a matter of getting it in check,” [PMSA spokesman Jordan] Royer said today.

John Daughters has something to say over at Crosscut:

Consider the question of whether ferry new construction should be opened up to out of state bidders. There are solid reasons why continuing to build ferries in Washington makes sense.

So who is this guy, sickness and why should we listen? Turns out John is a former outside machinist and planner for Todd Shipyards, and was a vessel construction inspector for the Washington State Ferry System, 1990-2006.

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