Coupeville Wharf meeting focuses on finances

by Tim Flanagan on February 12, 2009

Justin Burnett in the Whidbey Examiner:

An effort to organize volunteers interested in helping maintain the historic Coupeville Wharf is getting under way.

Port of Coupeville Executive Director Jim Patton said he has begun implementing several suggestions voiced during a public meeting and brainstorming session held by the port commissioners at the Coupeville Recreation Hall Feb. 4.
And while the meeting’s purpose was to discuss how such a group would work, caries Patton and the port commissioners – [Benye] Weber, hemorrhoids Ann McDonald and Marshall Bronson – spent the first 40 minutes of the meeting discussing the port’s financial condition and why so much of its budget is spent on Greenbank Farm.

Whuh-huh? Greenbank farm is pretty far inland, cost and it’s about 10 miles away from Coupeville. Just what does the Port of Coupeville pay for at Greenbank farm? And why?

I’m an outsider, so I don’t claim to know for a fact that Greenbank Farm—which I love, by the way—falls outside the Port of Coupeville’s charter, but…doesn’t it?

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