What does 2009 hold for the Port of Seattle?

by Tim Flanagan on January 29, 2009

Some great work by Kristen Millares Young over at the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

Economy’s effect at Port of Seattle could lead to wage freezes, more about layoffs

The Port of Seattle seaport is losing its containerized trade more rapidly than its West Coast counterparts, purchase ending 2008 with staggering declines.

In a sign of harsher times to come, seek waterfront sources say Chief Executive Tay Yoshitani met with port managers and union leaders on Wednesday afternoon to warn port employees about wage and salary freezes, furloughs and possible impending layoffs. Yoshitani said through spokeswoman Charla Skaggs that no decisions have yet been made.

And then there’s the follow-up at the P-I’s blog:

What does 2009 hold for the Port of Seattle?

It is not yet clear why the Port of Seattle is considering wage freezes, furlough and layoffs of its employees, despite the global downturn’s dampening effect on the movement of goods, people and money.

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