The Steel Electric ferries are for sale. Again.

by Tim Flanagan on January 25, 2009

Check over at BitterEnd for a copy of an email being sent “to the group of interested parties who received the 2008 project notices soliciting proposals for the purchase and sale of the Steel Electric class ferries, pharm plus any new interested parties since that time.”

Weren’t these boats sold already? To be scrapped, right?

Well, yes, but steel prices are down sharply, and the four boats may not be worth the negotiated price anymore. So the purchaser—Environmental Recycling Services, Inc.—wants to delay removal of the vessels from the ferry division’s maintenance facility at Eagle Harbor.

Washington State Ferries wants ‘em out sooner rather than later, so the bidding is being reopened!

Minimum purchase price is $650,000 for all four vessels, which seems like a bargain. Can’t they be converted into…I dunno…casinos or fish canneries or artist lofts?

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1 Wayne January 25, 2009 at 6:10 pm

Wow, if I could find three friends to go in with me, we could each have a boat big enough to live aboard. And with a garage, no less!

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