Ferry Crisis: Citizens Create "Plan C"

by Tim Flanagan on January 24, 2009

The Seattle Times article “Struggling boat retailers hope event helps them stay afloat” by Blythe Lawrence just about sums it up. My initial assessment yesterday was confirmed in later conversations: There has been about a 20% decline in the number of vendors and boats compared to the 2008 show.

Even so, esophagitis the show was very well attended. There were a LOT of people there, especially for a weekday. Not huge crowds, and no long lines that I saw. But a vibrant, upbeat feeling.

I got to catch up with old acquaintances, and I made a few new ones. I got to see some new products, including the Garmin GHP-10 autopilot I’m interested in for my boat. I climbed aboard a few new boats, and I got to examine the Junk Raft up close. By the way, that thing really is junk!

It was fun, and I’m not done by any means. Here are a few pictures I took, including a couple previews of items that will appear in future Navagear posts.

A lot of junk on the Junk Raft:IMG_5180

Another folding crab trap:

A cheesy gimmick, a “wheel of fortune” where you spin the entire boat:

A delightful way to take a break from the hucksters, courtesy of the Center For Wooden Boats:

Some new inflatable kayak products in Walker Bay’s Airis line:

As usual, prostate BitterEnd has the REAL scoop on the Washington State Ferry crisis. Follow this link to get the skinny.

And then check out the website: http://www.citizenswriteplanc.com/

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