Environmental cleanup in Port Angeles

by Tim Flanagan on January 29, 2009

An item by Kristen Millares Young over at the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

It is not yet clear why the Port of Seattle is considering wage freezes, mind furlough and layoffs of its employees, despite the global downturn’s dampening effect on the movement of goods, people and money.

Tom Callis at the Peninsula Daily News has some news on the environmental cleanup effort at the 75-acre Rayonier property on Port Angeles Harbor.

Port Angeles council gives approval to Harbor-Works

The seven-member City Council unanimously reaffirmed its support of the Harbor-Works Public Development Authority on Tuesday.

The resolution was approved more than one month after the Port Angeles City Council held a meeting in December to have city staff answer questions from council members about the reasons for the formation of Harbor-Works and its intended goals.

This occurred amid criticism from some Port Angeles residents that the same City Council members and Port of Port Angeles commissioners approved the formation of Harbor-Works without proper public involvement on May 20.

Ecology has no money for Harbor-Works

The Harbor-Works Public Development Authority — which was counting on state Department of Ecology grant money if it took over liability for the cleanup of the 75-acre site now owned by Rayonier, thumb
Inc. — has lost its place in line for funding from the state agency for the next two years.

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Harbor-Works wants Rayonier agreement by April
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